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This message is particularly for motorbikers. I will continue to report motorbike trips in the far future, but before people will lose (temporarily, I hope) interest in this blog, I want to make an announcement. In the future, I want to announce my planned short and long trips on this page. You know that I’m often guiding tours so I want to publish the dates and planned routes in this blog to… Read More

Summary: Got up at five o’clock in the morning and left with the sunrise at half past six. The low beams of the early morning sun help me to identify the best tracks and to avoid the scary deep gravel and sandy patches. I was chasing some springboks on the road that had crossed the fence and could not go back until I was able to overtake and persuade them that I… Read More

I have uploaded a new article and I am uploadind pictures of the last days. I dunno if I can finish today, but check it out!

Summary: Got up at half past five and took off for the trip to the Sossusvlei at half past six. Ten people plus driver went with an open air vehicle into the Park. Soon the first red dunes came into sight and our driver Paulus stopped every now and then to explain us background stories about the dunes and the animals we saw next to the tarmac road [sic!]. We saw many… Read More

Summary: First part to Maltahöhe on good tarmac; fuelled up but couldn’t buy water as all shops were closed on Sunday morning. I started my approach to Sesriem, the gate to the famous Sossusvlei dunes in the Namib Desert. 165 km of rough road! The first 100 km it worked quite well, I gained confidence and increased my speed up to 65 km/h. The landscape changed and got very beautiful, mountains with… Read More

Summary: Again, I made use of the internet connection in the morning and uploaded as many pictures as possible. While loading the bike, it fell over and bent the brake lever and smashed the right mirror support. Stupid git! I have to drive without right mirror now. I got rid of my South African Rand just to find out at the Namibian border that had needed them to pay the Namibiann road… Read More

Summary: Riding day. Left Stellenbosch and rode through the vineyards. Went north through wheat fields, still in fresh air. Bit by bit, the landscape changed and became a hot desert again. After 600 km, I stopped in Springbok at Annie’s Guesthouse, a cosy B&B and finished some posts. Am Morgen kam ich erst um 9 los, im voller Montur, d.h. mit Innenjacke und Innenhose, denn es war relativ frisch draussen. Ich fuhr… Read More

Summary: In the morning it took me a while to upload last article so I left late from the hotel; day trip to Cape Town; first I looked for a place to change my back tyre, I was sent by the Honda garage to a motorgear shop that also changed tyres. Went back to the city and visited the District Six Museum. District Six was a quarter of people from many different… Read More

Summary: Got up late as breakfast was served after 8. I had a nice Chat with Haewon and Sanghe, the South Koreans, who even gave me a bag of fried Kudu meat (biltong) as a present. I left late and went on the picturesque “Garden Route” along the south coast. After Mossel Bay, the winds got so strong that I had huge problems not to lose control over the motorbike. I had… Read More

Bin gerade in Stellenbosch bei Kapstadt und fahre heute wieder in Richtung Norden nach Namibia. Ich bin mit den Artikeln etwas im Rückstand und mit Internet wird es die nächsten Tage schwierig werden. Wird alles nachgereicht, nur Geduld 🙂 I am in Stellenbosch near Cape Town and I’ll be driving north to Namibia today. I’m behind schedule with my articles and it will be difficult to have Internet in the next days. Just… Read More

Summary: Day of small technical problems. Head light bulb broken; speedometer transmission is worn so no function anymore; assumed a dying battery, but it’s only a bad contact problem. Drove hundreds of kilometers through Wild West looking country until the cooler winds indicated that I was approaching the coast. The GPS has only a very basic map of SA, so it sent me erroneously into a township. I came to coastal mountains… Read More

Summary: Got up early this morning and left at half past six. Hundreds and hundreds of kilometers towards the south, pushed by overtaking cars that made me reach 140 km/h, but I still was overtaken. Speed limit is 120, but few seem to care. I passed the wealthy capital Gaborone and headed to the border in the south. When I reveal the start and end point of my trip, people shake their… Read More

Summary: Left this morning a bit later than planned. Found a Trabant next to the road. The border was quickly reached and the flying money changers ignored. I took the ferry over the Zambesi River which is a 4-border point: the ferry connect Zambia with Botswana, but to the right is Namibia and to the left Zimbabwe. Had problems to get botswanian money in the next town, but I succeeded. Couldn’t change… Read More

Summary: Yesterday I left Gwabi Lodge after I bought 5L petrol there. Again the bumpy track back to the main road and another 520 km on good tarmac to Livingstone at the Victoria Falls. I checked in the hotel that I had to pre-book in order to obtain the visa for Zambia. As it had (unstable) wireless connection, I uploaded the previous articles and pictures the whole evening. Dinner consisted in a… Read More

Heute war ein Ruhetag angesagt, ich frühstückte gemütlich bei Tee und Müsli (endlich keine Eier!) und genoss die Ruhe und die Aussicht auf den Kafue River. Ich las viel im Reiseführer und plante die Möglichkeiten für den zweiten Teil der Reise durch. Ich hatte keine Eile, denn meine Bootsfahrt fand erst um zwei Uhr statt. Ich traf mich bei den Booten mit Moses, dem Fahrer. Und schon ging es mit Vollgas los…. Read More

Summary: Got up late, as there was no big distance to cover today. Uploaded pictures until 10:30 am and left Lusaka after purchasing some significant amount of water (9 L). Got stopped by police who accused me of having crossed a white line and asked for $55. I claimed not to have enough money and paid only $45, without receipt…In Chirundu, I took the gravel road to the Lower Zambesi NP, but… Read More

The posh hotel was worth the money – I could upload all pictures for the older posts. Check ’em out! Das noble Hotel war seinen Preis wert – ich konnte alle Fotos der älteren Beiträge hochladen. Anschauen!

Summary: got up early; breakfast at 6 and departure at 7. Got controlled by the police and had to show the insurance, luckily I had bought it! At the Zambian border, I had to pay an Eco-tax and to buy an insurance. As the bank was closed, I had to change black market at a bad rate. In the next town, I realised the huge difference between Malawi and Zambia and fuelled… Read More

Summary: Woke up very early at 5:30 (different time zone). After breakfast, I took the coast road to the south as there were many clouds in the mountains. After 200km I tried to get petrol in Nkhotakota. Usual answer: “no petrol!” I managed to get 10L from some boys for the price of some lousy $35. At least I had enough to get to Lilongwe, the capital. As there no places to… Read More

Summary: Surprise in the morning: the bike was cleaned! That deserved a good tip. Went upwards to 2300 m to go down to the Malawi Lake. Passed beautiful area with banana and tea plantations. Found petrol station just before the border, money changer hassle already started here. Border crossing was straightforward. Even got an official insurance for Malawi. After a couple of kilometers, it was clear that Malawi is a lot poorer… Read More