Day 8 (Monday)

So what happened on Monday ?

Well, it was my first day back a the office after riding in the national rally.  In the morning I had a doctors appointment to finally cure this “ear” problem I’ve had for a while now and then in the afternoon, I had to go down to Coventry to meet with a client to go through some tax papers.

Sonia had a busy day too – gym in the morning, spa in the afternoon. Lol !!

It was the first day of Wimbledon and the defending champion, Andy Murray successfully negotiated the first round.

Yesterday evening, I started booking hotels and ferries for my next trip.

What else happened ?  Oh yeah, over in the USA, the IBR continued …….


So first things first, Robert sent this message :

“No, I will NOT buy a Triumph !!!”

Mmmmmm …… Lol !!


So, whilst I was at the doctors, Robert rode the “Tail of the Dragon” road again, bringing him lots of points.  He is beginning to tire now after 8 days on the road and he was not really awake for the first three hours so rode nice and slowly.

He went eastwards through Tennessee and made a detour through the mountains to bag a big bonus, but that included 8 miles of gravel road – not welcome when you’re tired.

Of course, he had the usual issues with the bike – and it’s now becoming more frequent.  As soon as the fuel becomes too low in the main tank and the pump has to “work hard”, the problem returns.  The “useable” range of the bike before top-up fuel is now needed is down to 100km (60 miles).  He then adds fuel from the auxilliary tank and off he goes again.

He discovered a new “string” of five points on the road, adding more points to the route but it has become very hot again as the USA heat wave moved north. He is slowly “cooking” …….  I wonder what a “Medium Rare Bavarian” actually looks like ?

On the positive side, he doesn’t have to keep stopping to put his thermals on !!!!

It’s around 2.00 p.m. when the bad heat starts and that just slows him down so he stopped for his rest break earlier than expected in Harrisburg

Tomorrow, early in the morning, he will tackle New York (city) before moving north east into New York state.

The extra couple of hours rest time has given Robert the ability to check his planning to ensure no last minute mistakes.  He has less than 3 days riding ahead of him.  He is nearly there ……

Tomorrow (Tuesday), he has one time restricted bonus to ensure he makes and then he begins to head for the finish and the “Holy Grail” of that three digit membership number …..

8 Comments on “Day 8 (Monday)

  1. We’re all still with you in spirit Robert – hope it’s not affecting your power-to-weight ratio too much 😉

    You’re doing a brilliant job of managing the fuel problem and stringing together the bonuses – keep it up!

    I’m pleased to see you’ve declined the Triumph and decided to go with the KTM next time 8-D

  2. Hey Robert
    your Ride looks good at spotwalla!
    Ride with a good feeling – that’s your IBR.
    I’m looking forward to hear your story and beside the XBR meeting Organisation I’m stört in preparation of the Alpenbutt. See You and John (on Triumph, haha)
    Yours Jo
    Hau rein

  3. Hi Robert, I’m really enjoying all the updates on your progress. I think you should look on the bright side: at least it’s not the gearbox! It sounds like you’ve got the right approach – avoid heat, avoid putting the fuel pump under stress, use the enforced rests to plan the optimum route. Fingers crossed it all keeps working!


  4. Dig out that ventilation tube to the main tank, re-route it so that it is accessible for your mouth – AND USE YOUR LUNGS TO PRESSURIZE IT!

    No use to yell out your frustration in the wind – YELL INTO THE TANK!
    The hard way, through the tiny, tiny tube.
    Let everything left in there know that you ARE VERY ANGRY WITH THEM!

    Let them know that you are considering trading at least some of the components on the bike into Triumph stuff – and you will keep chopping stuff off – without anesthesia, and replacing the parts with Triumph spares untill the bloody bike realizes that it’s time to pull together as a team.
    …or there will be no cigar in the end.

    Or, actually – there just might be a cigar in the end afterall – if the bike keeps making you life sour.
    A big fat cigarr, put out in the tank itself!

    Any references in this text, linked to the cynical music industri that is not currently signing quality bands as this:

    is highly intentional!

    Robert! Stop fidgeting with your bike and start riding, Godverdomme!


  5. One point bonuses and multipliers, terrible idea, they should be banned.

    • Lol !!!!

      Those “Yanks” steal all of their ideas from the British …..

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