Day 9 Report will follow later but ….

…… two quick points for now :

  1. He knows that he now has enough points for a finish and is beginning to head for the final control.  There are still lots of points that he could get, but apparently the “Little John” in his head keeps telling him that he shouldn’t do anything stupid ….
  2. He also clarified something ….. In his words ”  Btw: I have not said that I was wrong LOL!  I said I was not right which is different ………”

    I somehow knew that a German (Bavarian) couldn’t possibly have admitted that they were wrong …………. Lol !

    Keep those good wishes coming people – he’s nearly there …..



4 Comments on “Day 9 Report will follow later but ….

  1. Du schaffst es! Und naechstes Mal mit dem Radl – es gibt da Typen, die 5000 km in weniger als 9 Tagen fahren… (600 km/Tag; insgesamte Schlafzet < 9 h). Das wuerde auch die Probleme mit der Benzinpumpe loesen…

  2. Keep it going Robert! Triumph is in your sights!
    It’s only Pete Churchill

  3. This must hurt sooo much, coasting towards the goal, see the bonus locations slowly drift by in the outer edges of the Zumo-window, one by one – giving them all up and just try to lure oneself to be contempt with what has been bagged already.
    This is simply not Robert riding! Can’t be.
    Were there any photos to be taken of strange critters in the Roswell area, perhaps?


    (Refering to this movie if the picture does not show)

    So, can we be sure that Robert is even riding his bike any more?
    …on the other hand; an alien had probably shunted the valve to engage hyperdrive and had left us already.

    …unless the IBR has reached stellar fame? Even the aliens – and Europeans too want to finish the rally?

    Time to upgrade the “The World is our Playground” catch phrase?

    Ah! Encouragement was asked for, right…

    “Go Robert, Go!”

    Pathetic, I know. I’m so pale and just lack any good imagination to come up with something better.

  4. Excellent news that you’ve hit the points level Robert, I assume the mileage isn’t an issue either.

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