Day 7 (Sunday)

Nearly up to date again …..

He only has 10 magic 12 rallies to ride now …….

He had an early start to the day and headed back over to Memphis, Nashville & Knoxville where he thought he deserved a 4 star cozy hotel with good bar food ….


Who knows, with the relaxing of the German law, we may be a married couple by then ….

As has been the case for the last few days, the Honda worked fine in the cool, but as soon as it became hot, the problems returned – at least he knows how to sort it and be back on the road very quickly. He ran into a huge thunderstorm In Nashville, which was very welcome.

He’s removed the side panels off the bike to try to keep the pump cool and this has helped apart from the fact that his legs are now slowly cooking – I had this in 2011 crossing Texas.  it’s STILL an unpleasant memory, 6 years on ….

And then he helped to further worsen relationships between the USA and Europe ….

He tied the sidepanels onto the luggage rack of his bike – except they had no intention of staying there and nearly hit another rider as they made their bid for freedom ….

I wonder what Donald Trump will “tweet” about that ……

At least the thunderstorm proved that his electrics are waterproof, even without panels.  Of course that’s because no-one had the opportunity to sabotage them (like a “certain Bavarian” did to my Tridents electrics last year …… )

After 1400 km, he called it a day as he thinks he has a cunning plan (who does he think he is, Baldrick ? Lol !!)  that should give me easily finisher status.

Leg 3 is all about the multipliers and if you apply them cleverly, you get lots of points.

With the lack of pressure for anything other than a finish now being the goal, he tells me he feels like he is on vacation – obviously a rather shitty vacation though !!

hey have fantastic cheesecake here! This morning, I just planned for the first two days, I wanted to leave as early as possible.


Right, that’s just about bringing everything up to date other than (and I may have already mentioned this), ROBERT – BUY YOURSELF A TRIUMPH ……..


Keep those messages of support coming (and spread the word).

He is nearly there – just 4 days to go (4 German Butt Rallies, back to back ….. sounds easy doesn’t it ?)




7 Comments on “Day 7 (Sunday)

  1. Thanks John for the update on this adventure!

    Robert, you looked quite relaxed on the photo at the stop after leg 2. And seem to handle the bitchiness of the fuel pump now. All very good! Keep rolling!

    But snugly visiting NY by night while sending others through Brussels by daytime business hours: that’s not okay! 😉

      • Yes… unfinished business though 😉

  2. ‘ that his legs are now slowly cooking’

    Try aluminium coated foil (aka rescue blanket out of the first aid kit) over some clothing like t-shirts or something in this way around the legs.
    Works pretty good for a while until the foil has to be replaced.

  3. Hi Robert, sorry for not supporting you the first days. So what shall I say: Go on! And don’t worry about the fuel pump, it will keep working. It’s a Honda, it’s a PAN and it will not brake before 250.000 Km. Keep on riding, sing a song, in all the years you never had a Honda that didn’t take you home.

    John, thank you for your writing. But stop to recommend him vehicles from a country building cars with only one wheel in the front.

  4. Come on you crazy man – you can do this
    We are all with you – 4 days, one dodgy Honda and the thought of buying a new Triumph when you finish…..

    Keep going buddy

  5. Keep it going Robert! Remember that most of us mortals will only do this rally vicariously (that should get you reaching for the German /English phrase book!) So we are with you every step of the way and share your pain when it isn’t going well and your joy when you get that finish.
    It’s only Pete Churchill

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