First place after first leg!

A few lines before I finally go to bed. My first leg was very good. I went to Rome and back to the Alps where the checkpoint hotel is. standings see me in front (check the IBA Germany forum).
As expected, leg 2 is massive!! I needed a lot of time to come up with something very promising. A first glance revealed that Greece or the Baltic states is the place to go, but to my surprise I found a third option 🙂
Keep fingers crossed!
Follow my spot!
Talk to you in four days.

2 Comments on “First place after first leg!

  1. Good ride, Robert. Wellers almost took the same route but you have find more points..
    Exciting to follow from the armchair.

  2. Is nicht schön, was Gerhard K, geschrieben hat. ich drück Dir die Daumen.

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