On my way to the European Tour 2014

Dear followers,

I am on my way to the rally highlight of the year – the European Tour 2014. It is organised jointly by the IBA Germany and the IBA Ireland. On Sunday morning, many riders will start from Stuttgart. Where to? None of the participants knows. We only know that we have to be at a secret checkpoint location on Monday evening. From there, we will start again on Tuesday morning and finish again on Friday morning in Stuttgart. With 36 hours plus 76 hours, this makes it the first true multi-day rally in Europe!

ET2014 LogoThere will be excellent riders from all over the world, i.e. all over Europe, USA, Canada, Australia…. For most riders who have not ridden a multi-day rally before, this will be a tough new experience.

In principle, 425 bonus point locations will be distributed all over the European Union! The tricky part is to choose the right ones. The points will be revealed tomorrow afternoon, after that the riders will go to their rooms and start the planning of leg 1. We have a pretty tight schedule!:

Rally timetableIf you want to follow the event, you can do this here:





If you want to follow my trip:


If you want to follow me during the rally:


The hunt is on again! 😉Fox1

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