Hutzlmandl goes publishing

Recently, I was invited by Germany’s largest magazine for motorbike travelling to write a few lines about somebody that is very loyal to a single motorcycle brand….well, it was immediately evident I knew a guy who falls in this category.

The text is part of a larger article in TOURENFAHRER 09/2014. For non-German speakers, I have translated the text below (sorry for any mistakes).


John Young is not simply devoted to a motorcycle brand – he lives his love for Triumph through and through. It is not because of the brand per se or the fact that Hinckley located only 34 miles from his home. John is a proud Briton and therefore only a British motorcycle came into question.
Over the years many motorcycles accumulated, some bustle in his large garage – but only for everyday use. In an outbuilding he has placed his museum, a place of worship with an attached living room. John’s collection includes ten perfectly preserved pieces from the sixties and seventies. The museum’s splendour is complemented by all sorts of pictures, posters, rally certificates and other devotional objects. Not only his motorcycle clothes and cups, rugs, T-Shirts, everything in John’s daily life breathes the spirit of Triumph.
Many of his machines have a special story He has some production racers who wrote racing history, including the “Son of Sam”, a Trident T160, which was used in the TT on the Isle of Man. Likewise, a Daytona T150 No.8. These particular artefacts don’t wear their tyres flat, but are used in classic events. By this, John met the former riders of the bikes who were the heroes of his youth.
John is a passionate endurance rider, he regularly takes part in the rallies of the Iron Butt Association. He often participates with an old Trident T150 from 1969 and often receives a sneer from other riders who do not know what it is capable of. On a 36-hour Brit Butt Rally he was on a virtual podium position, just six miles from the finish when the bike’s electrics failed him. On the other hand he wrote history of the legendary Iron Butt Rally 2011, when he successfully finished the rally after eleven days and 14,000 kilometers on that old Triumph, having visited all 48 contiguous states of the USA. At the Magic-12 Rally in Germany in 2012, his 955 Daytona could not start because of a technical problem. He was offered a spare bike which he refused with thanks – it was not a Triumph …
John’s next project is the participation in a desert rally with an old Triumph off-road side-car – a likeable loony, who can arise not only from Britain.


2 Comments on “Hutzlmandl goes publishing

  1. Just like Andy Warhol predicted – everyone will bve famous for 5 minutes !! 🙂

    Thank you Robert for giving me my moment of glory and see you soon 😉

    • Actually, according to Warhol, it’s 15 minutes of fame, so you have still 10 minutes ahead of you! 😉

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