The last XBR-Alpentour is over

Die letzte XBR-Alpentour ist Geschichte. Bis zu 11 Mitfahrer, 8 XBRs, 3700 km feinster Alpenstrecken. Alle Teilnehmer sind wieder heil und zufrieden zurückgekehrt. Eine unvergessliche Tour. Die Aufarbeitung der 50 Stunden an Videos wird Monate brauchen, aber hier ist ein schnell zusammengeschustertes Video, das einen kleinen Vorgeschmack bietet.

The last XBR-Alps Tour is history. Up to 11 participants, 8 XBRs, 3700 km of the finest alpine routes. All participants have returned home safely and satisfied. An unforgettable tour. The processing of the 50 hours of videos will take months, but here’s a quick cobbled together video that gives a little foretaste.

4 Comments on “The last XBR-Alpentour is over

  1. Does this mean that you can sell all of your XBR’s now and but yourself a “proper” classic bike ? 9I know where there’s a nice Triumph Trident for sale)


  2. Seriously though, it looks as though you all had a good time

    So what’s the next big adventure for the XBR then ?

  3. “but yourself a “proper” classic Bike”” ? – what the heck does that mean ?

    I meant “buy yourself a “proper” classic bike”

    Clearly my typing hands are not yet back to normal ……. 😦

    • One more year and the XBR is officially considered a classic bike!
      The difference to other classic bikes is: you’re sure to return home with it! 🙂

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