“I have a cunning plan, Mylord!”

OK, everything is ready and prepared. The route is fixed and this time I go for a bold move. There is a maximum limit of 2000 km for the rally, but I will be close to that (hopefully). Unfortunately, the route will not be very scenic, but if my plan works out, a massive number of points wait for me. If…if…if….let’s hope for the best, keep fingers crossed. 😉

Tomorrow at 7:30 we start from Örebro.The spot track link is given below. I’m back on Sunday 7:30. Now let’s get some sleep!

5 Comments on ““I have a cunning plan, Mylord!”

  1. Wir haben auch 2000 Kilometer in Marokko geschafft – mit dem Bus.

  2. Southernmost and westernmost done – your are not actually heading to the eastern and northern edge as well, do you 😉

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