On a ferry cruise to Göteborg

So here I sit on board of the ferry boat to Sweden, watching the Baltic Sea.
I just have finished the Smørgåsbord (Swedish buffet). Today was I sunny and quiet day. I went from Belgium to Kiel in a very relax manner, trying to get used to the Scandinavian speed limits….In the harbour, I received an unexpected visit from a XBR500 (I recognised the sound immediately)! It was Style Kyle, a follower of this blog, who saluted me and invited me for a beer. Thanks, mate! I had to wait 90 minutes to be able to board the ship (!&@?€¥%#!!!!!). Now I struggle with the slow, but free internet on board. Just before entering the ship, I noticed that I lost one screw of the aux tank plate. So my first in Sweden will at a DIY shop….the weather forecast looks brilliant for the rally!

5 Comments on “On a ferry cruise to Göteborg

  1. Well.. about 25 minutes from the ferry on your route to Rallybase you will see my house on the right hand side. Between exit 86 and exit 88. Exit 88 is a petrolstation called, Statoil. I can get you one screw otherwise I will wait for you to pass by.,. 😉

  2. Hello Robert!
    Good luck för the rally! 2012 we visited Sweden with a sailing yacht. Since then I looking forward to visit Stockholm again!

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