Back at the rally HQ

After a dry and chilly ride to Germany (!) and Denmark, I have returned to the rally base in Örebro. The ride went according to plan, I just lost some points at the scoring table, but that’s ok because I shouldn’t have claimed them in the first place.
Now there is still some time until the ceremony, maybe I can find a quiet place for a little nap….
Swedish country is great, but I had rather little of it. With 1955 km I stayed just under the limit of 2000 km, constantly checking the predicted KMs during the rally.
Update: I was called again to the rallymaster and lost another enormous 2000 points as I was not included on two pictures where this was asked. That is correct, but it is good practice to accept the scoring result from both sides when the rider leaves the scoring room. Changing results after the scoring due to whatever reason (exception: cheating or misconduct) is not good style.
Ok, so I lost 9 % of my points, this won’t be a good result then…

3 Comments on “Back at the rally HQ

  1. Oh no – that is not good news.

    Robert, where there big points available at Flensburg and on the west coast of Denmark ?

    Why didn’t you use the ferry between Bojen and Fynshav ? You would have saved yourself time (if you had caught the ferry just right) and more importantly mileage

    • Yes, they were. The ferry was not operating at the right times and there was the 2k limit.
      Let’s see how the standing is. I have an idea why apparently some riders had a similar milage than I (and presumably more points) with the difference that I was riding on highways and not on backroads. You can draw your own conclusion, can’t you? 😉

  2. don’t be sad Robert. My mainly problem was keeping the speed like a mobile home or just add v.a.t for a bike with a still safety ride and use roads were they originally was made to..

    Since many of the riders coming closer to me I was adjust the tempo to be in sence without loosing my license.

    soo.. My ride was in 125cc tempo with doin it in the same time, now I know better.

    Beware ;D

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