Fox on the run – leaving for the European Road Runner Rally 2013

When you read this, I have left already for the European Road Runner Rally 2013. This year, the “German Butt Rally” has a certain twist. It was jointly organised by IBA Germany together with Homer Kraut who organised the first long distance rallies in Germany. I had participated in my first two rallies that were organised by him. As I had won the previous rallies, i.e. the last EuRR back in 2005 and last years’ German Butt Rally, I am a kind of double defending champion. Fox1An unfamiliar situation, I admit.  I feel a bit like a fox on the run: the hungry dogs are pawing, waiting to hound and catch me. In other words: there will be excellent riders from all over Europe in this rally and they all want to do very well.

The rally will be a 24 h rally starting in Bamberg, Germany on Saturday morning, 8 a.m. Tomorrow there will be the usual check-in procedure: odo-ride to calibrate the odometer, technical inspection, paperwork, hand-out of rally book and the rider meeting. There should be plenty of time for the planning, at least compared to what I have experienced during the Iron Butt Rally.

If you want to follow my spot during the rally, here it is:

Apart from this spot, there is always my regular spot during my wanderings (see also right upper corner on the start page):

I hope that at the end of the day, the result will be like this 🙂 :Fox2

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