Long runs the fox -1st place in the EuRR Rally!

Well, after a 600 km back home and some 60 hrs without real sleep I am too tired for a long report.
This was a great rally! My idea that the route through the alps was the winning one was correct.
I visited Slovenia and Italy and saw a lot of small roads there. I spent half the night riding over alpine passes. Thanks to the Krista lights, this was fun.
3rd place went to Hans (XBR500, yeah!), 2nd to the Wellers (two-up!) and this beautiful trophy is mine since this morning:

Check my SPOT track (see last post) for my route.
Later more.

9 Comments on “Long runs the fox -1st place in the EuRR Rally!

  1. Congrats Robert, Well done!

    It must been very dark in all those twisting cormers. Not easy to keep up speed.

  2. The Road Runner did it again, congratulations. But don’t fade, Wile E. Coyote is watching you.

  3. hey robert, das ist ja klasse, meinen glückwunsch!!! und die wellers und hans bitte gleich mitdrücken von mir, super!!!!!!! lg hon-hon

  4. Complimenti!!! Sei grandissimo!!! Bravo bravo bravissimo!!!

  5. Top man Robert

    A brilliant route and superbly executed ride. My only hope was that you made some sort of mistake – fat chance of that happening !!

    In my opinion, you are now the top LD European Rallyist competing in these events.

    And I mean no offense to any other riders out there

    • But it would be better still if I could spell “offence” correctly !!!

  6. Thanks guys for all the felicitations! Now let’s see when I manage to put together a nice report…

  7. Woot…?! Me not cheering here? Sorry for the belated comment:
    Great route, great ride!

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