The next generation – the new “Wasserboxer”

I left my BMW at the dealer for a 80000 km service and needed a substitute for a day. Much to my surprise, they provided me with the new  R1200 GS LC, the totally revamped new ” water boxer” model of BMW’s most sold model. I was anyway interested in arranging a test ride and now I had 24 h to check out this bike – “the best GS ever” as many commenters say.

20130827_115010[1] 20130827_115022[1] 20130827_115032[1]I was expecting quite something, but I was overwhelmed by the sheer riding pleasure. This is not a bike for the elderly rider who wants to have a comfy motorcycle for cruising (that used to be the image of a typical BMW rider before the 4V motor was built). This is a funbike that cries for full throttle riding!!! Assisted by several electronic riding modes (my favorite: Dynamic 🙂 ) and the automatic Electronic Suspension Adjustment. And the ride-by-wire throttle that transfers the commands of the right hand directly into propulsion. The riding is….impressive. To say the least. The motor is sensational, but you have directly 100 % confidence in this bike. Narrow bends are ridden in a spectacular lean angle. Finally, you can feel what your front wheel is doing. The BMW engineers have done an impressive job. Pure adrenalin. The bad roads in Belgium pose no problem – just bang over all potholes and grooves. They only drawback – a BMW gearbox is a BMW gearbox. Shifting gears is not a subtle process – it’s difficult to engage the first gear without the neighbourhood noticing it.

The problem is – the Adventure model will be released only next year and I have to get many many piggy banks to fill…

3 Comments on “The next generation – the new “Wasserboxer”

  1. Robert you know what..

    A Honda never gives.. Not sure from things from the Bayerische Motoren Werke 😉

    • Ehmmm…you are absolutely right. It’s a heart and mind thing. Mind says:”take that boring, but reliable Honda” 🙂 Heart says: “full throttleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…”:-D

      • Watch what you can do with a Honda from last century, 10% of the price of the BMuu.
        Agree that it looks promising and also wanted it but like riding it and not park outside starbucks afraid of value-decreasing.;)

        Only kidding Robert, looks fabulous!!

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