Introducing….Mr John ‘Triumph’ Young!


Well, does this man need to be introduced? Probably not to the LD community, but maybe to many readers of this blog. John will give me honour to be my guest author during the Iron Butt Rally. I had thought to use a lot of technology to be able to do some regular posts, but in the end I decided against it. Firstly, I will be too busy to publish anything useful during the rally. Blogging needs a lot of time and that’s something I won’t have. And secondly, IBA strongly advices against it and you don’t want to piss off the rally people…


John is an IBR veteran who successfully finished the IBR 2011….On a 1969 Triumph Trident! So if somebody knows how it is to be in the ‘hopeless class’, it’s him. His tale is told under


John will be able to explain a lot better than me what is going on during the rally. He is not only a native speaker, but he has also the insight what it means to ride approx. 11000 miles in 11 days, in any kind of adverse weather and crossing the whole continent more than once. And above all, he’s a funny bloke 😀


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