Well here goes ……

This is me here, aka John Young.

Having just read the introduction that Robert has given me, I’m not that sure whether I’ll be able to live up to the billing he’s given me.  However, I really do consider it an honour that he’s asked me to do this for him.  Perhaps we are entering a new age of Anglo-German relationships ?  Anyway, here goes …….

So, the Iron Butt Rally what’s it all about ?

Well, for now, all I’ll say is that here’s a statistic to “chew on” – more people have been to space than have completed the Iron Butt Rally.

Lot’s of people attempt this rally (which is run every two years) and lots of people fail.  Many of those DNF’s (did not finish) are riding “bang up to date” modern machines, generally 1000cc plus, equiped with ABS, Cruise Control, variable suspension, etc etc etc

Robert is riding a 27 year old Honda 500cc single …….


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