3D painting

A couple of days ago, the XBR looked like this:



What has happened??? Well, I had decided to start the painting of the fairing. At the same time I needed to change back the bike to a normal state to pass the road test. It is only due in June, but I want to continue to change the bike to ‘rally mode’ and switching back later is too late. So I went to Germany today and passed the test without any problem. On the way back it was snowing! Chilly, chilly.

New All-day-long seat from Russell (right) compared to the normal XBR seat (left)

New All-day-long seat from Russell (right) compared to the normal XBR seat (left)

It was also a test ride with my new Russell seat that has arrived this morning from California. Wow! It not only looks big, it IS enormous. But what a comfort! I only rode 215km today, but this felt very, very comfy. I even didn’t get a comment about the Bol d’Or handlebars I had mounted replacing the original ones. My seating position is more upright and relaxed, not to speak of the new seat. Now I just need to put back the fairing and I’ll be in LD heaven 🙂 . Well, in the meantime I was painting the fairing: grinding, two layers of primer, one layer of black (all applied manually) and then one layer of sprayed black – and then the disaster happened – the freshly applied layer wrinkled within seconds!!! All the hours of work for nothing…I ground the wrinkles after drying, but I have a 3D painting now. Whatever, not everybody has such a unique fairing, ehem …The reason was most likely that the first black layer was not dry enough and/or the two paints were not compatible.

The prepared fairing....

The prepared fairing….

...after two layers of primer...

…after two layers of primer…

....after the first layer of black paint...still everything OK.........

….after the first layer of black paint…still everything OK………

...and after the last sprayed black layer! Buaaaa!

…and after the last sprayed black layer! Buaaaa!

What else? I had received the Krista LED light and mounted them. Unfortunately, I had not taken a picture, but I will post one later. The lights are amazing, night becomes day! This is some serious stuff.

I also tried to squeeze the Dispatch distribution box under the seat, but this is tricky despite the smaller battery. this will be one of the next challenges. I have also changed tyres and I have spare tyres for the next months. I have received the temporary insurance for the bike in June/July.

From now on, the serious preparation on the bike starts…

2 Comments on “3D painting

  1. Hoi Robert,
    I wonder about your choice around the color – black! For visability reasons, I’d suggest another lighter color.. Are do you expext your fairing being black throughout you ride anyhow by the number of insects collected??

  2. all colours are possible
    ->not all colours are possible

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