Update …..

As Robert has got into the cooler air of Colorado, the bike is not misbehaving quite so much.

I’ve spent most of this months profit for my firm in telephone conversations with him today ….. but I am now trying to get him some technical help at the checkpoint.

The plan is, if possible, to rest during the heat of the day and ride through the (relative) cool of the night, get the bike back to the checkpoint and see what can be done …

Bloody Hondas !!!!



2 Comments on “Update …..

  1. Robert … you’ll make it to the finish line and return home with 3 digits! Trust in the PAN … it may be a Honda, but ‘she’ will not blame you. Crossing fingers!

  2. High, Robert,
    As you are in the area: can you Pass by RTC, Soldiiers Rd, Laramie, WY, to do an Audit? You should have enough time.

    by the way: The Tank Problem would be less severe if you fill up.with Diesel….

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