Day 4 – quick update ….

Robert is very tired after the first day of leg 2

His ride was good, but the bike continues to give problems.  The engine has now started cutting out in the cold as well as in the heat

At one stage whilst crossing the Texas Panhandle. he had to push the bike 400 metres to the nearest tree – the only shade around.  In the heat that Robert will be riding through, you cannot imagine how energy sapping that can be.

Purging the fuel pump helps in the heat, but not in the cold.

At the start of the day, everything went well but as the bike began to give problems, Robert began to suffer and worse still, he still does not have any idea of what is causing the problem – there’s just no clear picture

He is struggling but somehow he needs to get through this leg, score as well as he can and give himself as much time as possible once back at the checkpoint to try to solve the issue.  Leg 3 will have very big points value and as long as he is still in the rally and assuming he can get his bike running correctly, he WILL be able to score the necessary points to get a finish by the end of the 11 days, of that I am sure.

BUT – he has to get to the end of this leg, score as much as he can and get to the checkpoint so that he can sort this problem

This is a low point for Robert – he’s tired and probably a little bit angry with both himself and with his bike.  If necessary, he can probably sacrifice any great plans for  “leg 2” and just get to the sanctuary of the checkpoint.  The longer he leaves himself to sort the problem, the better.

He can still get that finish – but, he has to get the bike working properly ……



4 Comments on “Day 4 – quick update ….

  1. Come on Robert !
    We try to send you as much energy as possible from Geel.

  2. That is a tough run Robert.
    Don’t be down-hearted or angry, stay cool-headed and pragmatic – not easy I’m sure.

  3. Hope you get it sorted soon Robert! We are following you every step of the way so many late nights here in the UK. Off to johnthetommy’s house tonight to do the National Rally, so will catch up on progress from there.
    Best of British luck to you!
    ‘Its only Pete Churchill’

  4. Hi Robert,

    I’m pretty sure you do read our comments. So let me add my 2 cents here.
    Like many other friends, the first thing we do in the morning is to see what John reports about your ride. We are in a state of surprise and shock as we read about the troubles your bike gives you.

    So, what can we do? First: I’d say use your resources with prudence. Meaning don’t get exhausted physically in that crazy climate (drink your water and spare your sweat). Second: cut off emotions, as hard as it might be. (Lass den Ärger später raus!) Deal with it professionally, there must be a solution. Third: may be I could contact your mechanic here in Bavaria and talk to him. He might have an idea as he knows your bike. I don’t think that is against the regs and rules of the rally.

    And last: be assured we all are fully with you, no matter what it is. You’re not alone out there in the desert. We all hope, pray and have our fingers crossed all the time.

    Keep it going, Robert!!!

    So long

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