The king is dead – long live the king!

Well, I still have to write my report of the ET2014 Rally, but there are already some consequences…before the rally, I had spotted a bike by coincidence….It seemed to be the right bike for the Ironbutt Rally next year in the USA – very reliable, excellent wind protection and fuel economy, and a very comfortable ride. In the end, I made a good bargain and obtained a big bike for the price of a XBR! You can see that it is already more than 17 years old, but for a ST1100, a mileage of 75000 km is nothing. IMGP9758A perfect long distance bike. The riding is very smooth and comfy. The BMW is still in Spain and waiting to be transported back. Its fate is not yet decided, but its rally days are probably over.IMGP9764New tyres are ordered and the only urgent repair is a new steering bearing. Some heavy farkling will be needed to prepare it for the IBR2015, but the basis is a better one than 2013.IMGP9765Looking forward to do some serious test riding!IMGP9761


11 Comments on “The king is dead – long live the king!

    • I do hope so! It might be less competitive for the BBR, though: a wet weight of 317 kg is massive (do I hear a sigh of relief? 😀 )
      On the other hand Giel demonstrates that a fat, overweight bike can perform very well 🙂

  1. Disgracefull ……

    A German should ride a German bike ……… 😉 🙂

  2. And a Englishman should learn to spell correctly – or at least check his typing before hitting the “send” button !! 🙂 🙂

      • Giel – Not an excuse I know, but since my accident with my dogs last year, my typing skills (that weren’t great to begin with) are now dreadful !! 🙂

  3. absolutely….it aint the bike it’s all about the rider in the end…..The Pan European is a fine reliable,comfortable platform to do rallies on….except for visiting lighthouses and off roading where this as well as my Harley are not that perfect but I always got where I needed to be in the end…Good luck with the new machine!!

  4. Good choice!
    This japanese Bike will do better than the old “Bring Mich Werkstatt”… 😉

  5. Is jo guud datte ne neue Mühle hass, awwa muttat denn Honda sein? Unn sonderlich hübsch isse auchnich. Ne GS 1200 hätts doch auch gedaan! Unn mit Adventure wär die auch was fürn Eisenarsch gewesen. Mannmannmann … :-0

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