No further news yet to report

Just in case you were all wondering !!

3 Comments on “No further news yet to report

  1. Seems to be making steady progress across the States and on track to get to the finish, must be a hard, tiring and frustrating ride – we are all wishing you on Robert.

  2. [quote=Bob Higdon]Robert Koeber lost the top gear in his Honda XBR500. Since his initial report we have heard nothing further from him. Something makes me believe he has an
    international following. I got an e-mail today from a fan of his in Sweden. [/quote]

    Bob has not found this site, for sure.

    Go Robert, Go Robert, Go Robert!

  3. Thanks for the update. Belive it or not, but it was soothering in all it’s nothingness. No new is good news – and: reports stating that there really is no news makes it even better!
    I’m actually more concerned with him now than when he was trotting along gathering points. What a dreadful ride back to base.

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