Update – end of Day 8

Just had word from Robert that he has reached SLC again – (no, I don’t know what SLC is either !!)

5th is now working, but the gearbox is in a really bad way.  Shifting is very difficult.

He is 2000 miles away from the finish and 3 days left to complete the ride.

I really feel for Robert right now and it will take all of his mental strength to get back to Pittsburgh – but he will do it, that I’m sure.

I’m equally sure that WHEN he returns in 2015 on a modern machine, he will surprise many of our American cousins at just how well he will do.

In my opinion, he should now use the remainder of this rally (however “down” he feels) to begin the preparation for his next attempt.  He has nothing to prove to any of us further on the IBR 2013, he’s already a hero !!


13 Comments on “Update – end of Day 8

  1. It will be “When” as well !!!

    And he needn’t think that just because he’s killed his gearbox that he excused from the meal in a posh restaurant that he owes me either !!

  2. Thank God, the good ol´ XBR is still marching on… 🙂
    The finish-line is allready in reach, Robert!
    I´ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Durchhaltewille hin, Durchhaltewille her
    Das Weiterfahren mit einem Getriebeschaden birgt immer das Risiko der Blockade dürch ein gebrochenes Teil.
    Da hilft dann auch leider kein Kupplungs ziehen mehr.

  4. Und Robert hat den Durchhaltewillen! Startet in SLC mit gemittelten 100km/h!! Ich hoffe bloß das die XBR mit eigener Kraft läuft ;-))

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