Day 4 – first target chieved

First of all an apology.  In yesterdays blog, I mentioned excessive fuel consumption that Robert was experiencing.  That was a mistake.  It,s actually excessive tyre wear he is suffering from.  I misunderstood his text message.  That is what happens when a German in Canada is sending brief text messages to a Brit in Norway !!

Anyway, the good news is that he hit the checkpoint deadline and lost no points at the table.

In the first leg, Robert covered 3000 miles.  The bike is running ok but needs some attention now – routine stuff but this will eat into his rest period.  The tyre wear could become an issue on leg 2 where he will be running into blistering heat which takes its toll on machines.  Unless you have actually experienced the desert in New Mexico, Arizona or Nevada, it´s impossible to understand just how hot it is – 49 degrees centigrade is what I experienced back in 2011 and I suspect that is what Robert is about to ride into. 

His oil consumption so far has been close to zero – that is about to change with the heat.  In Three Days times, he´ll be very glad that he chopped the bottom of his fairing away.

Sorry this is brief – I´ve had to borrow someone´s laptop to do this report !!

When we get back to relative civilisation in Lillehammer tonight, I´ll post again 

3 Comments on “Day 4 – first target chieved

  1. There are official news:
    Place: 36 !!! name: Robert Koeber number: 40 bike: 86 HON XBR500 points: 16359 miles 3000

    Congratulation so far my dear!

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