Day 3 – O my prophetic soul ……

For those of you unfamiliar with the works of Shakespeare, those are the words uttered by Hamlet when he realises his worst fears are confirmed about his fathers death.

And so it was with me on Day 3 of the IBR when I had news from Robert that one of his throttle cables had snapped.  No problem of course as he had spare cables.

Except he’d listened to all that “good” advice about ditching “stuff”.

Guess where his spare cables where ?  Yes, in that “stuff” he’d left back at the hotel.  As I said, riding a Hopeless Class bike in an IBR is a totally different experience to using a modern machine.  Moderns machines rarely fail.  “Stuff” therefore is quite correctly unimportant.

Except, Robert is not riding a modern machine ……

Fortunately, the Honda is equipped by two throttle cables and by butchering the return cable, he “bodged” enough of a repair that should see him through the rest of the leg and only lost an hour in the process. 

I’ll bet he carries all of his “stuff” with him on leg 2 – no matter what the experts say !!

Day 3 was hot for him and he again experienced fuel problems which he now believes is due to using low grade Canadian fuel meaning he’s using over twice as much petrol as normal – thank goodness for the auxilliary fuel tank.  He’s now taking a full 8 hour rest break before heading back to Pittsburgh tomorrow.

As I said earlier in the week, “competitive Robert” wouldn’t be taking an 8 hour rest break at this stage, but it’s “cautious Robert” we’re now seeing …….

My thoughts are at this stage is that he’ll just aim to get through Leg 1 and 2 safely and still be “in the hunt”.  Any heroics can wait until Leg 3.  That is a good strategy ………

Right, breakfast now for me and Sonia and then we head further south and continue to avoid the hundreds of reindeer that seem to roam freely up here.  We wouldn’t want to kill Rudolph would we ? 

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