Talk to you in 11 days…

OK friends, this is my last post for the next 11 days. The rally rules do not permit me to publish anything during the rally (“You’ll have no time for that!”).

I have finished my planning which I cannot reveal now. I only can say that I will go where I wanted to go, Some relaxed 4700 km in quiet surroundings…just follow my spot or if you don’t have the password, follow the public SPOT site on I think you will soon find out which is my tag.

You will also find the daily reports from Robert Higdon there that comment the rally every day.

And I hope that John Young will be able to entertain you until I’ll be back on air. So pop in every now and then. Yesterday, the blog received 326 hits, impressive! Thanks for your interest.

See you!

3 Comments on “Talk to you in 11 days…

  1. Rubber down, shiney ride up. Ride safe and ride well.thoughts are with you. Spirit is there too.

  2. Und möge das Benzin immer einen Weg in den Verbrennungsraum finden (das ist manchmal gar nicht so einfach).

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