Counting back the hours…

When I logged into my account, I was stunned: to this point, the blog has 239 hits today! And the day is not over yet! This topped the record back in 2011 when I reported during the Africa trip. Thanks for your interest!

I received a lot of good wishes from many friends, but also from people I don’t know…be it via the blog, in the bike parking from the many spectator, from other riders, from rally staff, or from people on the street who wave at me to stop!

I went to the Walmart today and bought some food and water. I couldn’t get a pre-paid phone card there, this was already tricky in Canada. So I will reply that the data roaming will work. I had planned so many things around my electronic farkles, but as often, I might not really use them, including the radar detector. I’ll just stick to the speed limits and that’s it.

I also bought me a E-Z Pass, a transponder for the tollways system in the Eastern States and activated it. I filled up the tanks and everything should be prepared now. I followed the advice of Jeff Earls during the rookie meeting yesterday and I will leave half of the luggage back here. The stuff is already in the panniers, and the bag including the spare tyre that I will leave here are also prepared. Maps are unfolded on the bed and the electronic devices are prepared for the routing this evening/night. At 4 p.m., there will be the rider meeting with the banquet. The riders will be presented one by one and the layout of the rally will be explained. Then the rallybooks will be handed out and the riders disappear in their rooms to do the planning of their routes for the next 4 days (leg 1). Tomorrow morning we have to be in the park at 8 a.m. and will start at 10 a.m. Leg 1 ends on Thursday, July 4th on 8 p.m., right here in Pittsburgh. There will be a bank holiday in Canada (1st) and in the USA (4th), heavy traffic is expected and the weather forecast for the Northwest predicts rain, rain, rain. I plan to take it easy and to ride some 3000 mls, the top riders will surely do some 5000 mls.

I took some pictures in the car park this afternoon:

Little XBR playing with the big boys :-)

Little XBR playing with the big boys 🙂

The bike of Ken Meese, one of the top riders and a candidate for top 3

The bike of Ken Meese, one of the top riders and a candidate for top 3

CIMG0941 CIMG0942 CIMG0943 CIMG0944 CIMG0945 CIMG0946 CIMG0947 CIMG0949


7 Comments on “Counting back the hours…

  1. Lieber Robert!

    Hoffe meine Glueckwuensche erreichen Dich auch so, habe Schwierigkeiten mit der Antwort via blog seite!

    Folge Dir von der Toskana aus, Hals und Beinbruch!

    Bzgl. Letzte Probleme: saugt sie auch keine Luft ansauger? Kerzenbild weisz oder schwarz? Wenn weisz zu viel luft.

    Bin schon ruhig mit Ratschlaegen! Ich wuensche Dir Beharrlichkeit und einen guten Riecher, neben Sitzfleisch natuerlich!
    Und ein quaentchen Glueck!

    Die unvergesslichen Eindruecke kommen von selbst.
    Liebe Gruesze


  2. Hy Tracke,
    Macht echt Spass deinen Blog zu lesen. Wir hanen schon viel gestaunt und gelacht. Wir denken an dich und wünschen viel Erfolg (und wenig Regen) auf deiner Tour!!!
    Zeigs den Großen und pass gut auf auf dich!

    Alles Gute

  3. Hey Robert,
    I rode in Pfingsten 2008 in Elsass with you and some vorher guys. I hope, you remember the guy from Karlsruhe, with little expierience in motorbiking!

    I wish you really all good things you need! Good weather all the time. And: please trust in your good old 300000km Lady, she will make it!

    Robert, ich bin beeindruckt von Deiner Energie und Deinem Willen! Hoffentlich wirst Du belohnt!

    Christian mit FreiluftXBäR

  4. Viel Erfolg. Komme grad von der 16 Bundesländer – Runde, laut Navi 1.871 Km. Vielleicht kannst Du die dazu zählen lassen, war ja auch mit der XBR.


  5. Good luck tomorrow! Ride safely … And long!
    And don’t forget to enjoy of course.

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