TLRJ – Day 15 – Khabarovsk

Marsh land

Of course I woke up at 6 a.m. And at 7 a.m. Difficult to change a habit when you’ve been preparing your bike during

14 days. Finally I got up at eight and had breakfast. The rain front was moving slower than predicted, it was still dry! I decided to leave already and at a quarter to ten I was on the road.

With the rain clouds behind me, I cruised slowly (90 km/h) towards Khabarovsk. A very relaxing ride. After more than two hours, I reached the banks of the dominating river in the region: the Amur.

Another big river crossed. I stopped for petrol before arriving at the hotel Paros at noon, right before the drizzle started. It is très chic, the right place to relax half a day. I went to the restaurant and had some very delicious seafood. I checked the touristic possibilities in Vladivostok, because I will spend some time there.

Tomorrow is the final day (750 km) to Vladivostok!

Amur river from the hotel terrace.

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