TLRJ – Day 1 “Theooooooo, wir fahr’n nach Łódz!”

This old, cheesy Schlager from the 70ies came to my mind when we entered Poland today.

In the morning, John arrived a wee bit late – he had not slept very well, he was too nervous. I could perfectly understand this, in the morning, my nervousness reached its peak. So after so much time, we’re really doing this!

A last goodbye and we set off at 8 a.m. There was a light drizzle that stopped soon. Riding together with a 50 year old bike needs some adaptation. We rolled at 94 – 100 km/h (60 – 63 mph) the whole day.

But the funny thing is – you still make some progress! We limited our stops to filling up and a necessary drink. Plus a sandwich at lunchtime.

For a while, I was nervous for different reason – I spotted that the voltmeter indicated a system voltage of 14.5 V! I remembered my problem in 2016 when a defect rectifier grilled some batteries…again?? But later, the value went back to the correct cut-off value of 14.4 V and didn’t rise anymore. Phew!

We decided to increase your distance between fuel stops. At this low speed, the consumption of the XBR is very low, about 4.5 L/100 km (52 mpg), this would give me a range over 400 km (250 mls)! But in the end we stopped every 300 km, it’s good to stretch the legs from time to time.

At our third stop, already in Poland, some Durch HD bikers started to chat with us. They claimed to have visited Irkutsk. And having ridden a Harley Davidson through the Gobi desert. Sure…

Our bikes will be cuddling tonight…

Before getting to the hotel close to Łódz, we filled up again. We checked in and John told me that he would go directly to bed. He got up very early today and we have done quite a distance, 1100 km in total! This will be the longest stint of this trip, at least by distance. I didn’t bother to change clothes and went directly to the restaurant.

Polish dinner

I got what I wanted – good old Polish classics: Barzcz, duck breast and pivo (beer). Now I am pretty tired – some good sleep is needed. Tomorrow will be another long day – like so many that are ahead of us. Breakfast will be served at 6:30 a.m., so an early start is possible. Next stop is Latvia!

One Comment on “TLRJ – Day 1 “Theooooooo, wir fahr’n nach Łódz!”

  1. Weiterhin viel Spaß bei eurer unglaublichen Fahrt

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