Going North 2018 day 9 – Midnight sun and Hammerfest

I had hoped to see the midnight sun and was already disappointed that despite the good weather, there were a lot of clouds on the horizon. When I arrived 25 years ago at the Nordkapp with my little Honda XBR500 after a long trip, some clouds impaired the unobstructed view of the midnight sun. Nevertheless, I went on deck at a quarter to midnight.

Shortly before midnight: yes there are some clouds, but they actually enhance the colours.

Well, this was not so bad after all. It was a matter of playing around with the camera.

Focal length 250 mm, bring out the colours.

Some people preferred to watch it from the inside on the panoramic deck:

After midnight, the sun started to rise again:

At last, a “I’m the king of the world!” moment before hitting the sack:

This morning, we made a short excursion in Hammerfest. Instead of joining other boat people, we went on our own and walked up to a viewing point, overlooking the bay.

Our little boat.


Hammerfest still uses the term “most northern town of the world”, although Honningsvåg has been elevated to a town some years ago.

On its way to the largest liquified gas factory in the world in Hammerfest.

It also used to be the starting point of many famous polar expeditions. We also did a visit to the Ice Bear Club, but did not become a member.

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Bjørn. Isbjørn.

Back on the boat we had lunch and a relaxing afternoon watching the mountains and glaciers rolling by. Fantastic.

Gladly accepted this free drink with the compliments of Hurtigruten.

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