Iron Butt Rally 2017 – the results

The ceremony is over…as predicted, it was a very special event with many stories and stunning performances at the bottom, middle and top of the standings.

As already mentioned, I had a lot of issues and did not ride the rally in a competitive, but rather in a “holiday” mood. I had tons of long rest breaks in nice hotels. I finished one day early and had too chose my route based on the temperature forecast. Considering all this, the 32nd place out of 87 finishers and 106 starters is a very good result. Had I not have to stop rallying so early, a finish around place 20 would have been possible. And this without pushing anything. I can be very happy about this result, it even gives me an unexpected, official “silver medal finish”.

The finisher plaque – I will get the name tag later 🙂

The link to the standings is here:

7 Comments on “Iron Butt Rally 2017 – the results

  1. 32. mit kaputtem Moped und einem Tag weniger? Alle Achtung!

  2. Gernot Hildebrand c/o Planwerk Karlsruhe GmbH

    You´ve done a great job, despite of all the technical problems.
    Have you ever thought about the fact, Honda named this bike Pan “EUROPEAN”… 😉

  3. So, place 32 on a bike with a limp, going out on a limb to bring the PAN-PAN back home again – can’t be that hard, the Rally…? 🙂

    Ah, you know I’m joking.

    Interesting to see two such diverging routing strategies:
    John: “Go were it does not rain”
    Robert : “Go were the sun does not shine”

    Very nice played, Robert.
    …and the best of all: with this very fine result under such awful conditions, you just have to come back and really go hunting for points.

  4. Wow – cool – Gratulation vom XBR und Clubman Treffen!

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