Start of Day 10 Update …..

I spoke to Robert at 10.00am (his time) on Day 10.

He has exactly 48 hours to get to the finish control before he is classed as DNF.  His Garmin is showing that 1500kms (950 miles) stand between him and his 3-digit IBA membership number.

He tells me that my advice “DO NOT FUCK THIS UP”, is the only thing in his mind.

There will be no more bonus collecting (other than the sleep bonus this evening), there will be no more detours, there will be no more chances taken.

A nice straight forward 1500kms ride over 2 days to glory …….

He is nearly there …..

BUT – he has been on the road for 9 days and he has had constant issues.  950 miles over 48 hours is normally “a walk in the park” for IBA riders and for Robert in particular.  This will be the most difficult and fraught 1500kms he has ever ridden.

In 2011, I was 600 miles from the finish.  I had 30 hours to do it.  I could already “see” the “ticker-tape” parade awaiting me ……

Then I ran into the worst sand storms Arizona had witnessed for 50 years and my world collapsed around me.  Fortunately, I managed to get my bike going and limped over the finishing line with around 4 hours to spare ….

And that is what the IBR does to you.  Like some beautiful siren, it suckers you in.  It lets you believe that you have the measure of it …….


So, wish him luck and keep posting those comments (he reads them all)

7 Comments on “Start of Day 10 Update …..

  1. I’m proud I met and spoke to this hero (every IBR finisher is a hero!! even on a Triumph 😉 ) during last year Magic12 rally in Germany.
    Three times a day I look for some info here (thanks John) and on the IBR website…

  2. Robert, what your doing is like being in the Olympics. You dont have to win! For the rest of your life you will be introduced not as an Olympian but ‘That Guy’ who finished the Iron Butt Rally. 3 digit or not , you will have satisfied yourself on doing a task that people like me can only wish and hope that someday…….. Keep up the good ride.


  3. So Robert
    mach jetzt keine Leichtsinnsfehler.
    Hold on
    Wir drücken Dir die Daumen ab morgen auf dem XBR und Clubman Treffen! Funkloch
    I can’t send messages next days
    Yours Jo

  4. Mast- und Schotbruch, Robert! Ease that limping bike over the finish line. More of an adventure than you asked for, I guess. But than, who else would be able to handle that? Keep rolling…

  5. We are following your adventure every day, the last laps now ahead. Take care and good luck!

  6. Keep it going Robert! Just imagine that your three digit number is 750, then your Triumph in the rally will be a 750 Triumph!

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