One last thing ….

I know that Robert reads this blog each night.  (He doesn’t want his mobile filling up with messages – that is for emergencies only)

Give him all the encouragement that you can.

It might not seem like it to you, but when you are on your own, riding in the IBR, supportive messages really do help – even from 7000 miles or so away …..

So any “lurkers”, hit the key board for him ….

6 Comments on “One last thing ….

  1. Okay, another lurker for quite some time keeps fingers crossed and watches standing on the toes.

    From his record it is quite clear that Robert is capable of anything at an LD rally. The more I am impressed by the attitude in this IBR: Finishing is all that counts. Most riders, including myself, would never ever get there. But No. 11 after first leg? I mean, that says a lot. Huge!

    4 years ago I simply watched a fellow XBR rider (winning me over to a more humble part in that business). Calling it off when the bike was making problems in the desert, still is a guide line for me with every ride.

    Keep rolling and dump that freakin’ fuel filter.

    11 Tage Daumen drücken ist übrigens auch ne Leistung 😀

    • Thank you for coming out of the shadows to wish Robert well

  2. … and of course a big Thank you to you John for keeping us posted!

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