Hattrick! Another German Butt Rally won!

I just woke up after a seven hour nap on the sofa – just before moving to bed, I need to drop some quick lines…

First, my apologies for the not working SPOT link. I had picked two packages of batteries, but unfortunately both of them contained used ones. I hoped that the old batteries would still work, but no.

Well, I had opted for the route to Poland and had a good ride. I had a good ride to the Baltic sea and stayed even 30 minutes in the sea, 3 m under sea level 🙂

I could follow my plan and I knew that my choice was right – the option of Denmark was too tricky and included very bad weather. I never had ridden so carefully in a rally, my long lasting rear tyre was a nightmare to ride under wet conditions. Although there was only one hour of rain, the roads were wet for many hours. So I had to take it easy, especially riding for hours through polish back roads at night. Arriving well had top priority.

I was called to the podium together wich Peter and John. The order of the BBL rally some weeks ago was reversed and John came second and I defended my title – again. For the third time in a row, I had won the German Butt Rally.

A great rally that deserves a report. But later, I first need some more sleep 🙂

German Butt Rally as planned and ridden

German Butt Rally as planned and ridden

3 Comments on “Hattrick! Another German Butt Rally won!

  1. Congrats!
    Yes, we missed having your spot to follow.

    Hmmm…. “my long lasting rear tyre was a nightmare to ride under wet conditions”
    Let’s see – Long lasting + nightmare under wet conditions = 880 Marathon, right?
    A truly awful tire in rain.

    • No, it was a Michelin Commander II. It’s OK under dry conditions and lasts forever….but when it’s wet, it’s almost impossible to control! Careful with that throttle….WOOOAAAAHHH!

  2. Glückwunsch, Alter! Hofe wir seh’n dich demnächst!

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