Can a Honda really break down???

Well, I was on a nice day out this morning and when chasing a Hayabusa at some 225 km/h (140 mph) on the Autobahn πŸ™‚ , I suddenly noted that something was wrong. I noted the steering was harder and I immediately pulled over on the hard shoulder. Not a second too late. I had a flat font tyre. Gulp.20150614_112051 I had to call the towing truck and when the Pan was loaded, I could hear John Young giggle in my head: after 460.000 km (300.000 mls) on Japanese bikes, I finally had to be towed away, for once! So Hondas could break down? But then I had a closer look. First of all, a flat tyre is not related to the bike per se, this can happen to anybody. But what had happened here? The valve looked strange. Where was the cap? And where was….the metal stem, including the valve??? Gone with the wind! GULP!!!VentilI had the tyre changed last week – I’ll have a serious conversation with my tyre shop tomorrow!!!

5 Comments on “Can a Honda really break down???

  1. Which Autobahn were you riding … I lived in Nurnberg andd rode many kilometers to Bayreuth, Ambarg, Munchen, Frankfurt, Heidleberg and K-Town!

  2. Guess that was the only way the ‘busa could get away from the mean Interceptor-Pan…


  3. Keep the Honda from flamable liquids near heat and it should work. Not always perfect, but work..

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