Brit Butt Rally 2015 won!

First place trophy

First place trophy

The Pan has definitely passed its test. After four years, I could finally win the BBR today. Some of the best riders were missing today, but I made a very bold move today and played “podium or bust” when hunting for bonus point locations in Scotland. The high risk in terms of routing paid off and I arrived with 12 mins to spare at the finish, bagging an enormous 92000 points that game me the lead in this rally. Check my GPS track (for the link, check my previous post) for more details.

As usual, report will follow…

3 Comments on “Brit Butt Rally 2015 won!

  1. genial, und jetzt das Ganze nochmal it der XBR;-)

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch von Christoph aus Siegen!

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