Brit Butt Light Rally 2014 won!

Hi folks,

just a few lines from the house of John Young who has me as a guest.

We’re back safe from the rally and I still can’t believe it – I have won my first rally on British soil! 🙂

Well, second place (Giel Kerkhof) and third place (John Young) were very close, in a wink of an eye. But thanks to a very, very, very bold move in the last minutes of the rally, I scored only a handful of points more. I gambled also with the petrol – after the finish, the XBR stopped without fuel after 1 mile!! John had to play the rescue team getting petrol for me.

We were washed today, masses of water came down from the sky! I crossed London in the afternoon twice – the traffic was nightmare! But I had chosen the right bike for that task! I felt like a fish in the water and swam through congested London, where no other bike could follow me.

Probably I was overcompensated today for a lot of bad luck in the last years. The XBR definitely has passed the test and is ready for the Alpentour 😉

This asks for a good report….


7 Comments on “Brit Butt Light Rally 2014 won!

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!! Spannend, was Du da so mit den XBRs treibst…:-)

  2. Well done Robert – a deserved win in the end simply because you competed right until the final minute of the rally

  3. Congratulations, Robert!
    Winning the “light”-version of the Britt-butt-rally surely is hard work though…
    Nice to hear, that the “new” XBR has passed the test for the “20th-anniversary-Alpentour”… 🙂
    CU in Villach, Austria

  4. Congrats from my side as well! You seem to be living on the bike(s), that payed to the full this time.

  5. Na, geht ja! Scheinbar war endlich einmal das notwendige Quaentchen Glueck auf deiner Seite. Aber wie heisst’s so schoen: Audaces fortuna adiuvat!

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