Family picture

The other day, I cleaned the shed and finally could access my collector’s item…my 1986 XBR in new condition. Well, I saw I had to take care a bit of the chrome parts, so I polished them. I took the opportunity to gather all the XBRs for a family picture 🙂


The XBR family. In the front: Black Beauty (2.000 km), the red newcomer (7.000 km), the grey café racer (37.000 km) and the ‘Tourenschlampe’ (touring bitch, 360.000 km). Humbled by so much beauty and trustworthiness, the BMW (91.000 km) stands bashfully aside.

I noted that there is a lot of maintenance due, that’s the problem when the family gets larger and larger. I ordered and have received a lot of spare parts, a lot of work ahead 🙂



4 Comments on “Family picture

  1. Hutzlmandl shamelessly showing off. The first 4-cylinder XBR I ever saw. But did you know, that a few have been delivered with spoke wheels? Try to get hold of one of those 😉 What I actually envy is the king size garage. Got a bedroom, no?

    • Who needs spokes when you can have Comstar wheels?
      The garage is too small ;-). No bedroom, this equals the space of 2 XBRs…

  2. This seems To be Real True Love! I admire your passion and time and money you put in.
    BMW stands aside… And that before the background that the BMW is the most sold bike currently in Europe, just experienced it in the Dolomits (with my 28 y old xt 500) . Lets drink a toast to our old ladies!

  3. Na Alter, denn mal viel Spaß beim Dauerputzen! Wenn du dabei durstig wirst, spring eben rein bei uns. Hier gibts auch spare parts. Aber aus der Kiste oder dem Keller. Und die werden geleert, nicht eingebaut.

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