Day 10 – Nearly there …….

Robert has sent me a quick update before hitting the sack (that means going to bed …..)

He’s had a relatively quiet 750 mile ride today.  The bike still runs perfect – apart from the gearbox.

He’s been through Nebraska, Iowa  and Illinois.  Iowa was were I lost my chain, number plate and half my chain guard back in 2011.  I wonder whether he saw it …..

He’s done his “call-in” bonus today which will increase his points tally

He says he’s tired at the end of today but he is now only 540 miles away from the end of the ride.

So as Robert will be back at the chekpoint hotel by the time the next update is due, (which I assume he will write himself), this will be my last “blog” entry.  I hope that you’ve all enjoyed reading my updates and not been too annoyed at some of the comments and thoughts that I’ve committed to text over the last 10 days or so. 

I was really honoured to be asked by Robert to keep his blog going whilst he was riding the rally and so Robert I thank for for that priviledge, admire you for your determination to finish the rally under extreme circumstances and wish you all the best as your friend ……….





14 Comments on “Day 10 – Nearly there …….

  1. Dear John
    Thank you so much for keeping us up-2-date about Roberts US motomania tour – the IBR2013.
    Whenever your touring brings you to Switzerland – consider invited ! That`s the least I can do for the pleasure you gave while reading this blog.

    Cheers from Zürich


    @Robert : Keep the rubber on the road !!

  2. John, thank you very much for your time and effort- specially during your time in Norway, to keep us updated on Robert’s big adventure. Will you also join the rally in 2015?

    • 2015 ? Oh yes for sure as long as I’m accepted.

      I have to say I have been very jealous of the guys riding in this years event but am still convinced I made the correct decision to withdraw from this years rally.

      oh and in 2015 I will NOT be riding a Hopelessclass bike – Been there, done that and still got the aches and pains to remind me !!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Thanks John for your entertaining NORWAY to ENGLAND blogging… for your permanent lack of sleep while Robert was sending in messages too early in the morning… for your effort always to search for a running computer or other device to keep this blog running… for shifting appointments with your clients only to keep us entertained.

    I knew that you are good rally driver, but I didn´t knew that your blogging level is at least on the same high level as your riding.

    Thanks for doing a perfect job.


    P.S. Hope to keep my series of being in front of you in German IBA rallys going…

    • Just kidding John… never been in front of you…

  4. Thank you John fot giving us so much valued inside information how Roberts rally progress. Been a pleasure to follow all the updates.

  5. Thank you John!
    Go Robert go!
    Christoph (also an XBR owner)

  6. …and same from me. Following a rider with the extra comments is so much more fun. You did a great job!

  7. Thank You for all your work on the rally. I have been riding vicariously thru you guys and hope to be in the Rally some day. Laurance Anderson IBA 49197

    Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 04:56:50 +0000 To:

  8. Well done John, on keeping us informed and on helping to support Robert through what must feel like an awful ordeal at the moment, however character building it will also have been for him! Look forward to following you both in 2015, on more competitive bikes 🙂

  9. Thanks John and don’t worry about the restaurant – maybe the only thing that Robert hates more than slow drivers/riders, are bad wine and food. As long as he chooses the restaurant, you’ll be fine.

  10. Back again at start-finish.

    @Robert: Well done :-).
    I’m still thinking of your gearbox issue. Could be a broken shifting claw placed between shift controller and shifting fork cam. Be careful. As you’ve done the last thd miles….

    @John: Thanks for tracking and additional informaton, And for sure the best entertainment :-)).

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