Coming into day 7

Well he’s obviously taken pity on me and not sent a text message so far today telling me how day 6 fared for him

The only problem is, we need to be back home for tomorrow and as we are currently just over 1450 miles from home, we’re having to make an early start.

So, if I can and if I receive news, I’ll try and stop somewhere and post a quick update.  If not, my next blog entry will be when we’re back home in the UK.

As a matter of interest, I currently have the same problem as Robert – tyres !!

Our trip to Nordcapp was a little harder on the tyres than I anticipated resulting in what I can best describe as tyres currently bordering on something akin to racing slicks ……  Fortunately no rain is forecast for the trip home, so fingers crossed, the tyres should get me home. 

See ya !!!

6 Comments on “Coming into day 7

  1. Reading elsewhere looks like there were two main options for this leg, either take in Pikes Peak or a combo bonus of ?34 bonuses following the route of the Pony Express – I think Robert has gone for the latter. Having reached Salt Lake City he seems to be going well – is noticeably quite a way ahead of Gerhard and Kiel who seem to be on the same route. Phil Weston went to the top of Pikes Peak. Robert has some climbing now before descending into California so hope the XBR copes with the changes in altitude okay.

  2. Next stop Bonneville Salt Flats I reckon, although no speed testing for the XBR!

  3. Seems that you all know where the Rally is heading. I’ve no clue what the roadbook is telling and where to find it.

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