Day 5 – Leg 2 begins ……

It’s a little after 4.30 am here in Lillehammer and I`ve just learnt the news that Pepa is Roberts girlfriend !!  If nothing else, by keeping this surrogate blog for him, I`m getting to know who all of his friends and family members are ……………..

On another note, a text message from him and just woken me up – again  !!!! (for the third day running !!!! – Jeez, I feel like I`m riding the damn rally myself)

As Pepa commented, it was 3 hours out of leg 2 that he lost and so he is now preparing to ride through the night to make up some time.  Those of you who have access to his Spot will know exactly where he is right now.  For those of you that do not, all I can say is that he has 45 hours of leg 2 left and is currently 2000 miles away.

Some of you reading this blog will be already IBA  members and will be thinking 2000 miles in almost 48 hours is a relatively easy ride – it`s just two  SS1000 rides after all ……..  But Robert remember has already been on the road for 5 full days.  Each “just an SS1000” becomes ever more difficult for him.

He has just told me that he’s switched from “Comfort zone” ro “Rally Mode” due to the tyre incident.  I’ve told him to show restraint still …….

No doubt you will be thinking I’m a “bit of an old woman” in keep telling Robert to hold back.

Maybe I am, but I know what’s coming next for him and remember, although Leg 1 was a four day ride, he’s only just over a third through the rally, with the tough two-thirds still to come …..

Right, I’m back off to bed now to have the rest of my nights sleep.  Robert, on the other hand, will be heading west …….

3 Comments on “Day 5 – Leg 2 begins ……

  1. Thanx for all updates John. It is interesting to read how Roberts adventure now is really starting. Know that Hutzlmandl has the strength mentally.

    A little disappointing to see in spotwalla that 90% of the pack take the same route to California. Hopefully there are points further away that split the pack.

  2. There do seem to be a lot of riders taking similar route to Sacramento; maybe many are thinking the third leg will be the time to look for something different.

    See that on the fjr forum (fjr where there is a lot of chat about the rally, someone has compared Robert’s bike to that of the mad Hungarian in the Cannonball Rally film! (Have to say, can see where they get the idea from :))

    And John – you are an old woman, but guess that is exactly what Robert needs at the moment, especially with the extra pressure of losing time – keep at him, you’re doing a great job.

  3. Rob – Thanks for that, it’s much appreciated. I have felt sometimes as though I’ve been whinging on a little ……

    I know that Robert is a superb rider but I also know just how tough the IBR is for anyone and on a Hopelessclass bike, even more so. The desert heat, wiped out 3 bikes last time out and Robert just needs to nurse his bike through it.

    I’ve sent him a text message earlier telling him there’ll be another time for him to go out to the USA and win the rally and that just by competing on his Honda 500, he’s already a hero.

    What he needs to do is end up next Friday being a hero with a three digit IBA number.

    With a broken bike, that’s not going to happen ……

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