Day 1 ………

Well, it looks as though he’s stopped for the night in Vermont.

There’s been a lot of rain today for him, but his general direction suugests he may be heading into Canada tomorrow.

Now that could be risky.  He had problems on the 2012 Brit Butt Rally with multiple border crossings in a short space of time and the UK border control are pussies compared to the rottweilers in the US.  If that is the plan, I can only assume that there is a “big bonus point opportunity for not many miles”, which must be the attraction.

Many of the US riders seem to avoid border crossings if possible (remember that statistic about something like 80% of the USA population not even having a passport), so it may well be that the rally planners have tried to lure riders across the border with the promise of big points to get them out of their comfort zone.  If so, then there is logic to his decision – it’s still a risk though …..

Still, the main thing is that we’re heading into day 2 and he’s still going !! 

Right, well me and Sonia are off up to Nordcapp now (it’s raining here as well) so I’ll “blog” further tonight – assuming I can find a computer !!

2 Comments on “Day 1 ………

  1. Well, he is German and stubborn..I am sure he will make it to Canada. Thanks so much for keeping us informed, it is highly appreciated.

  2. I think, that he want to get a bonus? for the point which is most in the east of the lower states.

    Eastport ?

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