Last stop on the way to Pittsburgh – Niagara Falls

This morning, I drove to the bike and fixed all the luggage. I returned the rental car in the airport and I had to take leave of MJ who returned today. I returned to the bike by shuttled, put some petrol – and I was on the road. It was a very short stint today, I had booked a hotel in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side of the Falls. The riding didn’t take very long, however, I experienced similar problems as during the Brit Butt Rally – limited top speed at 70 mph (116 km/h) and this time I have no clue what is the reason, seems to be independent from the tank. However, it also stopped again and everything was back to normal. I’ll check the tubing in Pittsburgh again. But in the very worst case – I’d have to take it more easy. John Young has demonstrated that you can finish an IBR with a 60 mph cruising speed…right, John? I had very often small problems during my long travels, but in the end I always ended up where I wanted. So, no worries, all will be fine.

I was starting to get nervous today: now I’m on my own and every minute I’m closer to the start, THE question is more and more evident: What on earth have I gotten myself into? It’s not the sheer distance, it’s not the little time, it’s not the conditions that await me, it’s not the fact that I have almost no tolerance for problems…’s the combination of it all!

During the last 10 minutes, the rain still caught me, but I noticed that my cleaned gear was very well treated with a water repellent. I checked in the hotel and made a quick to the Niagara Falls just around the corner. A lot of water, but a lot less spectacular than the Victoria Falls I had visited in Africa two years ago. But worth a (quick) visit.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

As Johannes always complains that there are too few pictures with the XBR on them: XBR in front of Niagara Falls

As Johannes always complains that there are too few pictures with the XBR on them: XBR in front of Niagara Falls!

My first task tomorrow morning will be to cross the US border right here in town, then head for Pittsburgh!

Some important information: The official IBA bulletins will be available from Friday/Saturday on under

The official public SPOT site with the locations of all riders will also be linked there.

My personal SPOT track is protected with a password. If you want to follow my track in real-time, please send me an e-mail on time (e.g. before Sunday noon) to hutzlmandl(at) and I will send you the password. Sorry, but the IBR rules are like that!

Let’s see if I can get some decent food in this town….

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