Arrival in Pittsburgh

Well, was could possibly go wrong? Usually the things one does not expect…

In the morning, I left somewhat later than planned as the cup of tea I took in the room was so strong I felt like a hit in the stomach. Woah. I left the hotel, turned onto the Rainbow Bridge over the Niagara Falls and I was already at the border. I was sent into the big building. I carried my document box and I was asked several times what was in there. I showed it finally to an officer…look, only papers, papers, papers, and…oooops, a copy of a swiss army knife…and a letterman. The officer took the two items from me and then I was admitted to the upper floor. I was interrogated about many things, whereabouts, when, where, why, who. I had expected this, after all I carry some picturesque visas in my passport, such  as. syrian, libanese, iranian, egyptian, moroccan and many more.

“So, what did you do in Syria?” “The same as here – tourism”. “But why Syria? Couldn’t you just go to…France?” “Well, I do go there..a lot”.. Again, the officer was interested how many leave days I had. Do I sense same envy there? I was finally interrogated by a second officer, had to leave my fingerprints and finally received my visa. After one hour, I was already on the road again. I didn’t put on my rainsuit and I regreted it half an hour later. There are little possibilities to stop and put on your rain gear. Finally I stopped at a service area and dressed properly before I got even more wet. But what was much more annoying…was the carburator problem. Well, that’s my guess.I had problems to go 65 mls, sometimes only 60 mls uphill. Over time, it got so bad, that I couldn’t do more than 5000 revs/min. A nightmare! And this time, it was independent from the front or rear tank. 2000 kms without problems and now it’s that bad? I was deeply frustrated and tried to think of a plan B. Could I get another bike for rent for the rally? I wouldn’t be able to do the rally like this? Suddenly, sunshine was back and I stopped for a drink. The bike behaved really bad. OK, let’s at least get to Pittsburgh. At 25 mls left to Pittsburgh, the bike suddenly made WROOM and accelerated like normal…more than 80 mls! This stayed until I arrived at the Marriott Hotel near Pittsburgh. This leaves me really clueless…I tried to fumble around at the bike, but I was interrupted by a heavy thunder storm. I finally said hello to Phil, Gerhard, Michiel, Kevin and Lyn from Europe. All arrived well, despite smaller incidents (lost sat navs, stolen tankbags). I also didn’t visit the Walmart due to bad weather. Tomorrow then.

So, what to do? I have cleaned the fuel filter (plastic chunks) and will investigate more tomorrow. I have recalibrated my objectives: arrive well after the first leg back here in Pittsburgh on next Friday. From there on, let’s see. At least I want to start the rally. What comes then…let’s hope for the best. You can also finish with this handicap, but I would require lot’s of luck and a massive amount of patience.


5 Comments on “Arrival in Pittsburgh

  1. I think it sucks water into the breather and overflow tubes. Shorten them and cut a small hole into the side of them about 5 cm from the end.

  2. Sounds like water to me too. Just another problem for an IBR man to overcome, same stuff, different day. Life will always be life the way you approach it is all you have control of. I’m sending positive waves from the UK Robert. Enjoy your rally.

  3. Guess its the carb.. No rocketscience .. Had the same blues once on a 125 yamaha many years ago.. When it comes to rain related moto issues, trust the british advice 😉

  4. Agree Robert – sounds like fuel issue, probably water in the fuel either from bad supply or getting into the tank from somewhere – check all connections including overflows; also worth removing float bowls from carbs and getting needles blown through in case you have something getting stuck in one of them. Good luck with sorting it!

  5. Weitere Möglichkeit: Niedrig-Oktan-Sprit? Den gibt es in Afrika aber auch…und sollte der XBR eigentlich egal sein.
    noch ne Möglichkeit: Belüftung des Tanks fehlerhaft. Tritt Problem erst auf seit Du den neuen Tankdeckel montiert hast? Vielleicht lässt er keine Luft in den Tank nachströmen und es bildet sich ein immer stärkerer Unterdruck. Wenn du den Tankdeckel öffnest und die Maschine wieder sauber zieht weißt du woran es lag.
    Gruss MARC

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