Second place in the Brit Butt Rally!

The positive side: I didn’t expect that, the small XBR left all the big bikes behind. It was a very challenging, but a beautiful ride. Great!
The tragic side: I was about to win the rally, but I decided the end the rally when I still had four hours left because I thought I had a carburettor problem and the XBR would not make it back. Wrong, it was just a bent fuel tubing of the aux tank. I didn’t visit the last bonus point worth a 1000 points. In the end, Rob Roalfe won by 200 points difference….
Detailed report will follow!

5 Comments on “Second place in the Brit Butt Rally!

  1. You know what they say Robert, Second place is the first loser 😉
    4 hours left, Grim behind and still running. You could had a DNF when aiming for victory. It is almost better than another 2nd place. Or? 😉
    Sad to read that you doubted your bike. A Honda never give up until it is burning up, ask Hampe.

    Glad to read that you will be back. Will follow your spotwalla during the IronButt Rally

    • Yeah, that’s what they say ;-). I was probably frightend after the bad experience last year…
      I see it indeed as a punishment that I doubted my bike 8-/
      I laughed my a*s off when I read your “A Honda never give up until it is burning up, ask Hampe.” 😀 You are right!!!

      • Glad that you took my comment by a laugh. Was a little afraid that you didn’t get my posting as a little ironic joking.

        Quite funny that you and Grim had the same route. Is the Britrally so predictable for the Pros?

        Think you will laugh once more. Meanwhile you was preparing for the Britbutt rally we were out in Sweden and drove 125cc. Hampe on a 110cc.

  2. Well Done that man, impressive to say the least.

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