The ultimate test ride: an attempt for a Saddle Sore 3000

Hi friends,

Tomorrow it’s time for another test ride through Europe. As I will have 72 hrs to the Ride to Eat meet in Brest on Saturday, why not trying a Saddle Sore 3000 (3000 mls in 72 hrs)? It is exactly the pace I’ll have to face in the Iron Butt Rally and it should be a good training of my endurance skills.

The bike has received a fork oil change with more viscous oil (what a difference!) and a last-minute oil change. After 2500 km of error messages, the Zumo 660 stopped showing these messages when I went to the Sat Nav shop this evening. Spooky. I discovered the problem for non-charging of the new Zumo 350: a broken ground (!) cable.

I have received my new headset from AKE: good-bye SRC! Superior quality, a high volume and clear sound will give less problems. I hope.

Another feature I am testing for the first time is the Spotwalla homepage: You can follow my test ride live here:

Let’s go south!

Update Thu 0 a.m.: Greetings from the hotel in poitiers, everything is on schedule. good night.

2 Comments on “The ultimate test ride: an attempt for a Saddle Sore 3000

  1. To my German buddy – Good Luck

    John the Tommy

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