Waiting for the riders meeting….

Tonight I had a rather unquiet night, the vibrations from the ship .made it difficult to get some sleep. After arrival in Kingston-upon-Hull, I first searched an ATM to get some local money. I get decided to use the morning to visit locations of the Sculpture Trail organised by the BBR competitor Rob Roalfe http://www.thegrimrider.com/#/charity-ride-2012/4547964309. I decided not to visit three locations in the north, but to keep it relaxed and to visit only one place in Lincoln. I will see the other locations on a different occasion anyway, I hope.

"Empowerment" sculpture in Lincoln.

“Empowerment” sculpture in Lincoln.

I found the monument easily, sun was shining, perfect conditions. After taking the picture I learned from a display that the MAgna Charta is stored in Lincoln Castle nearby. I continued and one hour later I arrived in Castleford, the start and end point of the 2012 Brit Butt Rally. I could directly check in and after a shopping tour (water, candy bars, breakfast for tomorrow) I cued up for the registration procedure. This time there were many known faces and I chatted a while with the other riders. I realised that I missed the requirement to bring a 1.2 m string to the registration. Errrr…..Another rider kindly gave me his second one, very kind indeed. I still had to pass the technical inspection (no probs) and to go for the odometer check. It is a 22 mile ride to assess the bias of the odometer and to calculate the milage correction factor. After this, I pulled some petrol, checked the tyre pressure and returned to my room.

Britain unfolded

Britain unfolded

Everything is prepared now, even the maps are unfolded on the bed to give a good overview for the planning. The 1.2 m string will play an important role…..hmmmm…I wonder where the rally master will send us. Now let’s have a shower and go down to the diner and the riders meeting where all the secrets will be unveiled. After that, everybody will rush back to the room to start the interesting planning, the base for a good rally.

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