“Another epic failure in the long history of IBA rallies…”

…that’s what I heard on Sunday evening. A lot of things have happened during my last post and they all deserve a long detailled report, but let me summarize briefly the facts:

In France, the warning light of the charging voltage lit.

I had to decide what to do: Is the alternator dead or is it just a low voltage. It would have been only 200 km to home.

I decided to take the high risk and to return to the UK, managed to get on and off the train.

At that time, I was a sensational 3 hours ahead of my planning, everything worked PERFECT.

After 40 km in England, the ignition had used all the energy from the battery and the motor went out.

I had to wait five ours for a rescue service (on a motorway!) plus another our to find an accomodation.

I received a rental car and returned to the rally venue. With some frustration, I realised that I’d have finished (probably) at least second with good chances for the first!!! I received a special recognition for my efforts to return :-). Had nice chats with other riders.

On the next day I talked to the garage. As expected, the repair will take a while. I learned that I couldn’t leave the UK with the rental car, as it was not and could not be insured for the continent. I went to London, catched one of the last tickets for the Eurostar to Brussels and returned after a long odyssey at midnight at home.

I think of the last days as: “If you fail, do it with style”.

2 Comments on ““Another epic failure in the long history of IBA rallies…”

  1. Hey Robert. You missed out the bit about that “kind-hearted” Triumph rider who stopped with you for a while when you first broke down ……..

    • Hi John,
      indeed I was glad to have you by my side, just in case :-)…As I have said, all the details (and acknowledgements) will be revealed in a (later) report.

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